Racial and Social Equity

As a company built around a grid that connects us all, Tucson Electric Power has a unique opportunity to promote a more inclusive community.

Our leaders and employees support a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at our company. We strive to encourage these values in our community and are continually seeking to learn and understand how we can make progress.

We have engaged local partners to assist us in ensuring our community investment strategy reflects these values. Some of these relationships are longstanding. Others are new to us. Together, we share our time, talent and energy to help people overcome barriers and achieve a better quality of life.

We ask all organizations seeking funding to agree to our non-discrimination policy, certifying that they do not discriminate on the basis of race or other designations.

Through our racial and social equity efforts, we hope to learn what we don't know, to help raise awareness, to build capacity for improvement and to provide fair access to services, resources and opportunities as we shape a community where all of us can thrive together.

Learn more about our types of contributions (financial, in-kind, volunteer support, sponsorships, members and others) on our donations page.

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