Thinking About Solar?

Power your home or business with clean, cost-effective energy

When it comes to solar energy, there's no place like home. Tucson averages more than 280 days of sunshine annually, making solar energy a great option for both homes and businesses. TEP offers several ways for customers to claim a share of our local clean energy resources.  We're also happy to provide information and support for customers who want private solar arrays.

A better environment, a better community

Solar energy doesn't produce carbon emissions, so increasing its use helps us combat climate change. That's a big reason why we're working to provide 70 percent of our power from the sun and wind by 2035

Spreading the sun

Solar power is more popular than ever. We processed a record 10,500+ applications for new residential solar arrays in 2022 — up from 7,500 in 2021.

Online tools make it easy to get started

If you're looking to get a larger share of the sun, you can use our Solar Analysis tool to help you compare various solar options. You can use this tool to review the benefits and approximate the cost.


Compare Your Solar Options

TEP offers two easy ways for our customers to go solar. We're also ready to support customers who choose to install a private solar array at their home or business.


TEP GoSolar Home

  • Buy all of your power from a local 15 megawatt (MW) TEP solar array for a monthly price that can remain fixed for 10 years.
  • Available to Homeowners and Renters
  • 10 year commitment, exit fee for early contract termination
  • Fixed monthly price based on current annual usage
  • One-time processing fee of $100 that can be broken up into four equal installments
  • Your bill may go down, depending on your level of usage and current pricing plan
  • Powered by a new, local, TEP-owned 12.5 MW solar array

TEP GoSolar Shares

  • Purchase some or all of your power from local TEP solar arrays on a flexible, month-to-month basis. Buy solar power in “shares” of 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month for about 1 cent per kWh.
  • Available to Homeowners, Renters and Businesses
  • Month-to-month commitment, cancel anytime
  • Each share adds about $1.50 to your monthly electric bill
  • Lock in your power supply costs for 20 years and avoid paying some surcharges
  • No up-front or maintenance costs
  • Powered by TEP’s community-scale solar arrays
Private Solar

Arizona is one of the world's sunniest places, making our state an ideal location to convert energy from the sun into electricity.

Learn more

TEP has partnered with CleanPower Research to offer Solar Analysis, a service that helps you compare various solar options. Use this tool to review the benefits and approximate costs of private solar based on your rooftop's characteristics, energy use, TEP pricing plan and available tax credits and rebates. Then, see how this information compares with the benefits and costs of participating in TEP's community-solar programs.

To use the tool, you must be a residential customer with at least 12 months of consecutive billing history with TEP. We'll also need a good record of your hourly energy usage data, which isn't available for all customers due to an ongoing upgrade of TEP's meter information system. If our records are missing more than 7 consecutive days of usage data, more than 10 days of data during a billing period or more than 30 days of data during the last 12 months, you will not be able to use the Solar Analysis.