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Submetered Electric Vehicle Charging Plan

Our Submetered Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plan is designed to support small, medium and large commercial time-of-use customers who install charging stations.

How does the Submetered Electric Vehicle Charging Plan work?

Time-of-use plans include lower “off-peak” rates during lower energy use times and higher “on-peak” rates during periods when most customers use more energy. These plans reward customers with lower rates for shifting their energy usage away from on-peak hours.

EV chargers are 'submetered' — meaning usage by chargers is billed under small, medium or large commercial time-of-use rates with a low “super-off-peak” discount rate from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day. Resale of energy for the use of electric vehicle charging is allowed.

Although not designed to accommodate fast chargers, this plan provides an attractive option for commercial customers who want to offer convenient charging stations to patrons, guests and employees, or to charge their own EV fleet vehicles.

What are the potential advantages of this plan?

Usage during off-peak and super off-peak hours could reduce your monthly bills. Your savings will be based on your actual usage and patterns

What are the potential disadvantages of this plan?

If your business requires a lot of power during on-peak hours, your energy costs could increase under our time-of-use plans. Participants are subject to the requirements of TEP’s SGS TOU, MGS TOU and LGS TOU pricing plans.

To sign up, commercial customers should contact their key or commercial account manager, or call Customer Care at 520-623-7711.