Our 2020 Integrated Resource Plan

Ambitious. Realistic. Responsible.

TEP’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan lays out the path we'll follow over the next 15 years to serve our customers' energy needs. We're planning to provide more than 70 percent of our power from wind and solar resources as part of a cleaner energy portfolio that will reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2035. In this way, we'll avoid the production of more than 50 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next 15 years - equivalent to removing three-quarters of a million cars off the road.

TEP’s increasingly sustainable resource portfolio will be supported by efficient natural gas fired generators and energy storage systems. The plan also proposes retirement of our remaining coal-fired power plants over the next 12 years.

In March 2022, the Arizona Corporation Commission reviewed and acknowledged this ambitious, realistic vision for a sustainable energy future detailed in TEP's 2020 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

Clean Energy Expansion

TEP’s plan calls for a dramatic expansion of renewable energy resources, including some systems that are already underway. The company is working to complete two large, New Mexico wind farms and a local solar plus storage project that will more than double its community-scale clean energy resources by next year.

But that’s just the beginning. The IRP calls for enough new wind and solar generating capacity to provide more than 40 percent of the company’s power in 2030, more than 60 percent by 2033 and more than 70 percent by 2035. The expansions coincide with the planned addition of energy storage systems, which are projected to cost significantly less after 2030 than they do today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Input

An all-day, online virtual workshop was held on May 20, 2020 to gather public input about various resource planning alternatives as TEP sought to develop a plan that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions while allowing the company to continue providing reliable, affordable service to customers. Broad participation in the workshop contributed to a more inclusive resource planning process.

IRP Advisory Council

The electrical grid is undergoing a massive transformation, making integrated resource planning a more complex process that calls for greater stakeholder involvement. As part of the 2020 IRP process, TEP formed an advisory council that provides a forum for in-depth discussions with engaged community stakeholders. Members include residential and business customers, local governments, public schools, limited-income advocates, solar installers and environmental advocates.

TEP believes that a diverse, knowledgeable group of counselors can help chart a long-term plan that helps our community achieve sustainability goals and maintain reliable, affordable electric service through a balanced, flexible resource plan.

Tucson Electric Power: 2020 IRP Infographic

2020 IRP Infographic

Here is a visual breakdown of our plan to provide more than 70% of our power from wind and solar resources and reduce carbon emissions 80%.