Save with Tips and Rebates

TEP offers a variety of programs and offerings that can be tailored to your needs.

Simple Ways to Save

Save energy every day with these easy practical tips:

  • Laundry — Use the warm or cold water settings and only do full loads.
  • Ceiling fans — Set your fan blades to run counterclockwise in summer to pull warm air upwards and switch them to clockwise in winter to pull warm air down to help heat the room.
  • Window treatments — Pull shades closed in summer to keep out the sun and heat, and open them in the winter so the sun can help warm up the room.

Find Cost-Saving Programs

TEP promotes savings and sustainability by providing customers with rebates, discounts and other practical incentives. Find the one that best fits your energy-efficiency goals.

Become a Net Zero Hero

TEP is working to achieve net zero carbon emissions while keeping energy affordable and reliable. You can help by taking the simple steps of shifting your energy usage to times when more wind and solar power is available.