Study 2 - System Impact Study (Required)

The System Impact Study is required. It evaluates the impact of the proposed interconnection to the reliability of the transmission system. It includes a short circuit analysis, stability analysis, and power flow analysis as well as a high-level estimate of cost responsibility and an estimated time to construct.


  • Execute the System Impact Study Agreement (Appendix 3) of the LGIP within 30 calendar days of receipt
  • Submit a $50,000 deposit to TEP
  • Provide site control for your project
  • Submit all required technical data to interconnect your project


  • Provides you with a System Impact Study Agreement (Appendix 3)
  • Verifies site control, acknowledges your deposit and verifies you have signed the SISA
  • Completes a System Impact study within 90 calendar days and provides you a report
  • Holds a System Impact Study Review meeting with you when the study is complete