Study 3 – Facility Study (Required)

Following the conclusion of the System Impact Study, TEP will conduct a Facility Study, which is required. The Facility Study includes an estimated cost for equipment, engineering, procurement and construction work for interconnection facilities and network equipment that are needed to physically connect your project to TEP’s transmission system. It also includes an estimate of the time required to complete this work.


  • Execute the Facility Study Agreement (Appendix 4) of the LGIP within 30 calendar days of receipt
  • Provide a $100,000 deposit to TEP


  • Provides you with a Facility Study Agreement (Appendix 4)
  • Verifies you have submitted the deposit and signed agreement
  • Completes the Facility Study within 90 calendar days and provides you with the report
  • Holds a Facility Study Review meeting with you when the study is complete