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Go solar with TEP's affordable, flexible GoSolar Shares program.

Going solar doesn’t require a costly long-term commitment. Just sign up for the TEP GoSolar Shares program and buy as much locally generated solar power as you want – a little, or a lot – for your home or business.

TEP GoSolar Shares offers an easy, affordable way to buy power from TEP’s local community-scale systems in monthly 150-kilowatt-hour “shares.” You can buy enough to cover some or potentially all of your energy use, offsetting your need for power from conventional resources. And you can cancel at any time.

The power supply component of your bill covered by solar shares will be fixed for 20 years, and your shares will be exempt from renewable energy and fuel and purchased power surcharges. So, your shares could benefit you if the cost for traditional energy rises.

GoSolar Shares was previously called Bright Tucson Community Solar.

Features and benefits

  • More clean, green renewable energy on flexible terms for an affordable price
  • No up-front expenses, annual solar price hikes or equipment maintenance costs
  • Cancel at any time
  • The power supply component of your bill covered by solar shares remains fixed for 20 years
  • Exemption from renewable energy and fuel and purchased power surcharges
  • Protection against future energy cost increases
  • Additional cost supports the expansion of TEP’s renewable energy resources
  • A renewable energy option for renters and customers whose rooftops are shaded by trees or nearby buildings
  • No rooftop issues or complications when you sell your home

Minimal cost

Our clean energy plan calls for a dramatic expansion of renewable energy resources.

Upgrading to TEP GoSolar Shares lets you use more solar power for just one more penny per kWh. Each 150 kWh share you buy will add $1.50 to your monthly electric bill. We’ll use that extra money to expand our renewable energy resources, helping to reduce our community’s reliance on fossil fuels.

While the program will increase your bill initially, the power supply component of your bill covered by solar shares will remain fixed for up to 20 years. Your shares also are exempt from two surcharges applied to other electric usage: the Renewable Energy Standard Tariff (REST) and the Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause (PPFAC).

Because those surcharges are adjusted regularly to reflect changing energy costs and other factors, the benefit of avoiding them would increase over time if the surcharges rise. That means customers who continue buying TEP GoSolar Shares for many years could realize lower participation costs or even monthly bill savings over the long term.

If you sign up for the program, your share prices must be paid in full each month regardless of your actual energy use. If the solar energy you buy through the program exceeds your actual usage during a monthly billing period, the excess is carried forward to the next billing period as a credit. Any credit remaining after the September billing period will be paid in full as a credit on the next bill.

How much sun can you handle?

The TEP GoSolar Shares program lets you decide how much of your energy should come from TEP's solar resources, over and above the amount that all customers receive from our renewable resources. The number of 150 kWh shares you can buy is limited only by your average annual energy use and the size of our expanding portfolio of community solar arrays.

To see how many shares you'd need to cover your electric needs, just divide your average monthly usage by 150 and round down to the nearest whole number. For example, a typical residential customer who uses 825 kWh per month could purchase up to 5 shares each month (825/150=5.5, or 5 shares). The table below shows some other examples for typical residential customers.

Avg. Monthly kWh Shares needed Shares cost
500 3 $4.50
1,000 6 $9
1,300 8 $12


The TEP GoSolar Shares program is available to residential and commercial customers who take service under the following pricing plans:

  • Basic (Residential Service)
  • Small General Service Basic
  • Medium General Service
  • Large General Service

Limited availability

If the program becomes fully subscribed, customers may be placed on a waiting list until new local solar resources become available.

Cancel anytime

You can purchase as many shares as you want, up to your average annual usage, and cancel at any time. TEP reserves the right to limit purchases based on average annual electric usage and program availability. Participants can increase or decrease the number of shares they're buying just once in a 12-month period.

Solar energy source

The energy we provide through TEP GoSolar Shares is generated by solar arrays located in the Tucson metropolitan area. As TEP expands its local solar generating capacity, new resources will become available to satisfy growing demand for the program.


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