Large General Service (LGS)

Our LGS plans are designed for medium-sized commercial and industrial customers with measured demands of at least 300 kilowatts (kW) and below 5,000 kW.

This plan combines a monthly customer charge and a seasonal usage-based rate with a "demand" charge, which is based on the greatest of your highest usage within a 15-minute period during all hours of the current billing cycle, 75 percent of your highest demand charge in the preceding 11 months, or the greater of either a predetermined contract capacity or 200 kW.

How can I manage my energy costs on this plan?

The Demand Charge is designed to reflect the cost of resources and facilities TEP must build and maintain to satisfy customers’ maximum energy needs. When that maximum usage level goes down, so does the cost of providing all of our customers with safe, reliable service.

Avoiding the simultaneous use of large appliances and equipment such as air conditioning, lighting, computers, copiers and printers will help to reduce your monthly Demand Charge.

Customers who take service at primary voltage may be eligible for a billing demand discount of 20.6 cents per kW per month. The company may require a written contract with a minimum contract demand and a minimum term of contract.

What else should I know about this plan?

If demand meets or exceeds 5,000 kW twice in a rolling twelve-month period, you may be moved to the Large Power Service Time-of-Use rate.

Customers who leave this plan cannot return to LGS for at least 12 months.

At a Glance

Basic Service Charge, per month:

Energy Charge, per kWh1:
Summer (May - Sept)
4.92 cents
Winter (Oct - Apr)
4.62 cents

Demand Charge, per kW2:

Plan Includes

  • A Basic Service Charge that covers some fixed-service costs such as metering, service lines, customer service and billing functions and some distribution system expenses.
  • A seasonal usage-based Energy Charge.
  • A Demand Charge that reflects the cost of satisfying peak energy needs.
  • A requirement that customers who leave this plan cannot return to the LGS plan for at least 12 months.

¹ Includes Energy/Delivery and Power Supply charges but excludes the Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause charge.

² The monthly On-Peak billing demand shall be the greatest of the following:

  1. The greatest measured 15-minute interval demand read of the meter during all hours of the billing period
  2. 75 percent of the greatest demand used for billing purposes in the preceding 11 months
  3. The contract capacity or 200 kW, whichever is greater