Beginning in late July, some new features will be available to customers calling our Customer Care Center.

We’re modernizing our call center phone system over the next several years to offer more user-friendly features and services to serve you better.

One of the first things you’ll likely notice is a new voice and new greeting prompts as we transition to a new Interactive Virtual Response (IVR) system to help you reach the right person or department more quickly.

Our new IVR system will allow customers to:

  • Chat with us from the “Contact Us” page at
  • Request a payment extension
  • Request that a text message be sent when a power outage is resolved
  • Select Spanish as their preferred language for automated prompts and responses

“This new system provides a solid foundation to propel us into the future,” said Tashonda Betts, Manager of TEP’s Customer Care Center. “Our IVR system will offer robust features to help customers quickly reach the right person or department, communicate with us in more ways and manage their account with self-service options.”

The new system will provide call center agents with additional and real-time data to better serve customers and help us manage call volumes and resources, Betts said. It replaced a system that offered fewer features and was costly and difficult to maintain.

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