Unlike traditional power plants, solar arrays and wind farms don’t operate on demand. This means they might not be producing energy when customers want to use it.

While energy storage systems are being built to address this need, we can take steps right now to take advantage of clean energy resources when they’re most plentiful.

GoGreen Now is a weekly energy forecast that can help you make thoughtful choices about when to use your most intensive energy appliances.

The tool is based on our Clean Energy Tracker, which shows the amount of clean energy being generated from our individual wind and solar farms, as well as how it compares to customers’ energy usage. GoGreen Now pairs this data with regional weather predictions to forecast future clean energy production.

By signing up for our weekly forecast and adjusting your appliance use around these times, you can help us make progress toward a cleaner, greener grid.

“Customers can be an active participant in matching demand with electricity generated from low- or zero-carbon sources by using energy when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing,” said Sam Rugel, Director of System Control and Reliability. “This forecast gives you a peek at the week ahead to help you manage your personal energy footprint.”

No prediction is perfect, of course, so our actual clean energy output will very based on actual weather, system performance and other factors. Also, remember that it’s always helpful to limit energy use from 3-7 p.m. in the summer to reduce strain on our local energy grid.

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