Plant a tree. Create shade. Conserve energy.

Tucson Electric Power has re-launched its tree-planting program, now called Trees for You. The revised program makes it even easier and more affordable to save energy by planting shade trees.

TEP customers can purchase up to three trees per year through the program for just $5 each — down from $8 last year. Ordering your trees is quick and convenient: Just log on to My Account and follow the Trees for You instructions.

Choose from multiple types of trees year-round, plus seasonal varieties such as Pistachio and Pomegranate trees. You must agree to plant the trees within 15 feet of your home or building on the west, east or south sides to provide shade during the summer months.

“In addition to adding beauty, trees help conserve energy by shading buildings, streets and cars and reducing the effects of urban heat islands,” said Jessica Vega, TEP’s Trees for You Program Manager. “Trees also control storm water runoff, soil erosion and wind, and they improve air quality and provide a habitat for wildlife.”

TEP is partnering with Civano Nursery on the Trees for You program. After ordering your trees, you’ll be notified through My Account when they are available for pickup from a participating local nursery. Nursery staff members will load the trees into your vehicle, provide planting instructions and answer your questions.

You can arrange for a nursery staff member to plant your tree for an additional charge.

At least two working days before you start planting the trees, call Arizona 811 by dialing 811 to have TEP and other utility providers mark the locations of underground utility lines. This is a free service.

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