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Small General Service (SGS)


Our Small General Service Basic pricing plan is a simple option for customers who would like to be billed based on their small business' total monthly electric use, regardless of the time of day that usage occurs.

How does SGS Basic work?

This pricing plan features a two-tiered energy usage charge that increases after the first 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) customers use during each billing period.

What are the potential advantages of this plan?

Customers on this plan do not need to worry about what time of day their business uses electricity, as the usage rate changes only when total usage exceeds 500 kWh. This pricing plan provides a simple option for customers who cannot or do not want to shift a majority of their electricity usage to off-peak periods when TEP customers typically use less energy.

What are the potential disadvantages of this plan?

On this plan, the only way to reduce your bill is to use less energy. Other SGS pricing plans – SGS Time-of-Use, SGS Peak Demand and SGS Demand Time-of-Use – offer opportunities for even greater savings by shifting usage away from on-peak hours.

¹ Includes Energy/Delivery and Power Supply charges but excludes the Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause charge.


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At a Glance

Basic Service Charge, per month:
$25 - single phase
$32 - three phase

Energy Charge, per kWh1:
Summer (May - Sept)
Up to 500 kWh - 13.89 cents
More than 500 kWh - 15.73 cents Winter (Oct - Apr)
Up to 500 kWh - 12.14 cents
More than 500 kWh - 14.52 cents

Plan Includes:

  • A Basic Service Charge that covers some fixed-service costs such as metering, service lines, customer service and billing functions and some distribution system expenses.
  • A usage-based Energy Charge.

Other Options

We offer multiple pricing plans for Small General Service customers:

► SGS Time-of-Use (TOU)

► SGS Peak Demand

► SGS Demand TOU