Sundt Generating Station Air Quality Permit Update

TEP is installing flexible, efficient new natural gas generators in Tucson that will support the expansion of solar, wind and other clean energy resources while using less water and reducing overall emissions.

TEP is installing ten reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) generators at its H. Wilson Sundt Generating Station on the company’s 344-acre Irvington Campus, located near East Irvington Road and South Alvernon Way. Reciprocating engines have been identified as a cost-effective resource to help compensate for power fluctuations and other issues associated with the expansion of renewable energy resources, including a growing supply of private solar power systems and TEP’s own community-scale solar and wind resources.

TEP is working to deliver at least 30 percent of its power from renewable resources by 2030, doubling the state’s 2025 goal. The company anticipates adding about 800 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy capacity by 2030.

Use of the more efficient RICE generators will result in significantly lower nitrogen oxide emissions and lower water use. RICE generators, which will replace aging steam units near the end of their useful lives, also can satisfy peak energy demand.

To accommodate the installation of these efficient new units, TEP has applied for a modification to an existing air quality permit. More information is available from the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ).

Tucson Electric Power:
The Arizona Daily Star published an op-ed about TEP’s planned upgrades on March 1, 2018.