Smart Water Heater Pilot Program

Earn a bill credit and help the environment

Solar energy is plentiful in Arizona during the middle of day, so why not choose to heat your water using clean, renewable energy?

TEP is offering a new Smart Water Heater Pilot Program for single family household customers as well those living in residential multifamily housing complexes. Under the program, a device is installed on your water heater so that it heats water at times when the demand for energy is lower. Heating water during the day when solar energy is usually readily available, also allows customers to make good use of clean, renewable energy.

Having many water heaters conserving energy during peak demand also helps reduce the strain on our grid and keeps everyone's electricity costs lower while still meeting your normal hot water needs.

You shouldn’t notice the difference in your hot water supply but you’ll be taking advantage of solar energy during the day and reducing demand for energy during on-peak hours to keep energy costs affordable for everyone.

For participating in this program, customers will receive a $10 credit on their bill every three months (quarterly). It’s our way of saying “thank you” for saving energy during high demand hours and supporting renewable energy.

TEP will schedule an installation date and time for your apartment complex. Simply send an email to multifamily@tep.com for more information

Frequently Asked Questions