10 kW Inverter Process

A request to interconnect a certified inverter-based Small Generating Facility of less than 10 kW shall be evaluated under the 10 kW Inverter Process (Attachment 5). The 10 kW Inverter Process is available only for inverter-based Small Generating Facilities of less than 10 kW that meet the codes, standards and certification requirements of Attachment 3 and Attachment 4 of the SGIP or have been determined by TEP that the proposed facility is safe to operate.


  • Complete and submit Attachment 5 of the SGIP
    • Under the “Generation Interconnection” folder, select “SGIP Attachment 5 Interconnection Request – 10kW Inverter-Based” and the file will download
  • Submit a processing fee of $100 to TEP
  • Provide site control for your project


  • Reviews your application, acknowledges the processing fee received and verifies site control
  • Notifies you if your proposed interconnection request meets eligibility requirements
  • Provides you with an Interconnection Agreement within 5 business days after our determination