Tucson Electric Power was recognized with the prestigious Advocacy Excellence Award from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) for successfully shifting energy education programs online during the pandemic.

“These programs are a tremendous example of the positive impact companies can have in the communities they serve,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn.

TEP has long provided in-classroom lessons in safety, energy fundamentals and renewable resources at the elementary, middle school and high school levels through a longstanding partnership with the non-profit Environmental Education Exchange, or E3. The programs are aligned with Arizona’s state science education standards and are designed to be fun and engaging.

When the pandemic forced the closure of school sites in March 2020, teachers were left scrambling to satisfy curriculum requirements with students learning online from their homes rather than in classrooms.

Education Outreach Representative Jennifer North, who was pivotal in steering the transition, explained that the team quickly worked with E3 to develop online versions of our classroom presentations. Two weeks after school sites closed, the first Bright Students lesson streamed on Facebook Live. The lesson was recorded for use by other classes and SafetyLand and Renewable Students programs quickly followed.

As the pandemic wore on, live presentations over Zoom were delivered for teachers who were using that platform. The team also developed interactive booklets to support the recorded lessons and partnered with school districts to provide home delivery or local pickup of the popular energy-saving kits that students used to bring home from our in-class presentations.

Kuhn said the selection committee for the prestigious industry award was impressed by the scope, objectives, and impressive results of the campaign. “Your adaptability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to reach these students is a tremendous success story.”

Jennifer, who complimented the ongoing commitment of E3, said it was incredibly rewarding to be able to support educators in a time of such upheaval. “This recognition is really a great testament to the support the company puts behind education,” she said. “The needs are great in the education community. I am so proud of the work we do to provide resources that support and advocate for teachers and students in our communities across the state.”

Visit the TEP website to learn more about our educational programs.

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