Sure, the TEP Marketplace has a wide selection of smart thermostats, LED lighting and smart power strips – all at discounted prices.

But you may also find some unexpected energy-efficient products in our online home improvement store, where you can shop, read product reviews and compare items. We’ve done the research and legwork to offer you the most advanced and efficient products at a great price for one-stop shopping.

Here are seven unique products that can add safety, comfort and convenience to everyday living.

Intermatic Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch: $29.98

Are you tired of people leaving lights on in an empty room? Priced just under $30, this switch uses an infrared sensor to detect whether a room is occupied. It can turn on a light when you enter the room and shut it off when you leave for energy-savings and convenience. The switch fits in a standard wall switch box, works with incandescent and LED lights and can be adjusted for time-delay and sensitivity.

Google Nest Smart Home Outdoor Camera: $199.00

Keep your home safe and secure and discourage the theft of delivered packages with this smart outdoor security camera that provides 24/7 live streaming video. It is weatherproof, plugs into an outlet and uses motion and sound sensors to detect activity outside your home. Receive alerts when the camera detects something and monitor activity from your smart phone.

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector: $64.98

Leaks and frozen pipes can cause serious damage to your home. This detector will provide you with an early warning – even if you aren’t home – helping you avoid property loss and damage and expensive repairs. Simply place a battery-operated detector near trouble spots like the water heater, washer and under sinks and then use the Lyric App with your Wi-Fi and smart phone.

Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL Air Purifier: $349.95

Air purifiers can remove dust, pet dander, molds, viruses and other allergens from the air to keep your family healthy. They also can remove odors for cleaner, fresher indoor air quality. If you’re spending more time at home, this may be a good investment for your family’s qualify of life. This model provides up to 240 square feet of coverage, four-stage True HEPA filtration and quiet operation.

Rowenta Eco Intelligence Steam Iron: $109.95

This iron uses 25 percent less energy than standard irons while delivering professional results. It features an Eco Steam system for optimal output, multiple settings, and an ergonomic rotary trigger for comfortable use for both left and right-handed users. The durable, scratch-resistant and stainless steel plate promises years of trouble-free and energy-efficient ironing.

Wallflower 3-Wire Stove Smart Monitor and Plug: $153.00

Help protect your home from the leading cause of home fires – stove fires. This device continuously monitors your stove, learns your cooking behavior and sends alerts to your phone if the stove has been left on for longer than usual or if you leave home and forget to turn it off. This device can provide great peace of mind for families with small children, those with memory loss or just forgetful cooks. There are two models – one for homes built before 1996 and another for homes built after that date.

ChargePoint 18’ 32A Electric Vehicle Home Charger: $699 less TEP $500 rebate = $199 Your Cost

If you have an EV or are thinking of buying one, you’ll want to consider this ENERGY STAR® certified home charger. It’s universally compatible with all EVs– including Tesla models – and fully charges a vehicle in less than four hours. It also uses 40 percent less energy than typical chargers when it’s not charging. Using the ChargePoint app, you can schedule charging for off-peak hours when rates are lowest and set reminders so you never forget to plug in your car. This model is UL listed to meet safety standards and comes with a 3-year warranty. Plus, qualifying TEP customers can receive a $500 rebate from TEP to bring your cost down to just $199.

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