Tucson Electric Power has a new system in place for customers to report graffiti on power poles, ground-mounted equipment and substations.

With the online tool, anyone can report graffiti by submitting descriptions and photos of the damage. The new reporting system directly alerts TEP, allowing us to start our clean-up efforts as soon as possible.

“Graffiti is not just a nuisance – it’s a property crime,” said Jennifer Cox, a Special Project Coordinator with TEP’s Government Relations team. “It’s a problem here at TEP and throughout our community.”

Each month, TEP typically receives 50 to 75 reports from the City of Tucson and Pima County about graffiti on utility equipment and proactively abates several hundred incidents of graffiti identified by our field crews.

TEP has a longstanding partnership with the city and the county to combat graffiti. We participate in the Graffiti Task Force, along with police, prosecutors and neighborhood groups. “This group addresses everything from arrests and prosecution to education and prevention,” Cox said.

This year, our employees helped with Graffiti Volunteer Day, a city-wide partnership organized by the Ward 3 Office and the Mayor’s Office to clean up graffiti.

Customers should not clean up graffiti on electrical equipment; doing so can be a safety hazard. When you see graffiti on electric utility equipment, please contact TEP.

Reports can be made via a form on tep.com or by emailing graffiti@tep.com. Please include the address and/or nearest crossroads and a description and/or an image of the damage.

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