Tucson Electric Power is seeking input as we develop our long-term strategy for meeting our community’s energy needs.

An all-day, virtual workshop is being held on May 20, 2020 to solicit comment about various resource planning alternatives as we work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing reliable, affordable electric service for our customers.

Our transition to a greener, cleaner electrical grid involves many key decisions about energy resources with varying cost, performance and reliability implications. The workshop offers TEP an opportunity to educate customers about those choices and gather input about the path we should pursue.

Already, a diverse group of customers, community leaders and advocacy groups is engaged in helping us develop the 2020 Integrated Resource Plan, which will be submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission this year.  Broad participation in this workshop will result in an even more inclusive planning process as we share information on planning assumptions.

Potential resource planning alternatives, developed in conjunction with the University of Arizona, will help establish science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, while ensuring long-term resource adequacy.

The workshop discussion will address the following topics:

  • Energy use forecast including electric vehicles
  • Resource adequacy
  • Energy supply alternatives including:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Energy storage
    • Solar and Wind
  • Renewable energy integration
  • CO2 emission reductions

Presentation materials will be posted on the Resource Planning page on the website as the meeting date approaches.

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