Whether you’re looking for a bigger house, relocating to a favorite part of town or new to the area entirely, moving comes with a long to-do list.

Turning your electrical service on or off is a top priority, and following the right steps can make the moving process that much smoother.

Step 1: Contact Us

The first step is simply visiting our website at tep.com/im-moving. There, you will be able to start, stop or transfer service and manage a variety of other TEP programs.

Or if you prefer, call TEP’s Customer Care Center at 520-623-7711. Press option No. 2 to start, stop or transfer service.

We recommend contacting Customer Care three to five business days before your preferred effective date. This advance notice can ensure you get the timing right and avoid any disruptions while moving.

Step 2: Provide Information

For existing customers, TEP simply needs to verify the current information associated with the account before proceeding with the order request.

New customers will need to complete a basic service application, online or over the phone, providing a full legal name, date of birth, phone number, email address and Social Security number or another form of identification, like a driver’s license number.

To establish new service, provide the full street address and the date the service should start. If your requested date is not available, the next available date will be selected, or you can select any alternate available date.

Step 3: Meter Reading

To start service, the meter first will be read. If the meter had been turned off, one of our technicians will need to turn it on.

If the meter only needs to be read, you will have no service interruption. If power does not appear to be on at your new residence, you should check whether the main circuit breaker is on.

If one of our technicians needs to turn on the meter, he or she will leave a door tag. The breaker will be left off; once you receive the door tag, turn the breaker on.

A service fee, which varies depending on whether the meter needs to be read or turned on, and applicable taxes will be added to your first bill. A refundable security deposit may be required to establish service, though customers with a deposit on file can have it transferred with their account to their new home.

Stopping Service

To stop service, go online or call. Only customers whose names are on the account can place stop orders; Customer Care will verify who is requesting to stop service. You will be asked to provide your full address and preferred effective date. TEP will make a final meter read and, in most cases, will turn the meter off if no one is taking over the service.

Lastly, provide TEP with a mailing address for your final bill and refund of any deposit.

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