Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station was an easy decision for Tucson ER & Hospital, which prides itself on offering state-of-the art testing and diagnostics and patient-centered care.

The physician-owned hospital at 4575 E Broadway determined that providing EV charging at their facility not only adds value and convenience for their patients, but also supports their commitment to sustainability by promoting a cleaner, healthier community.

“We are always pushing the limits of available technology to deliver value to our patients, in the laboratory, in our facilities and at the bedside,” said Dr. Sean Murphy, Chief Medical Officer. “EV charging lends itself well to this vision.”

The hospital recently took advantage of rebates offered through Tucson Electric Power’s Smart EV Charging program by installing a dual-port Level 2 charging station. The charger can give most EV models up to a 30-mile range boost for each hour of charging.

TEP’s rebates are designed to encourage commercial customers to install chargers by greatly reducing their upfront costs. This helps to promote EV adoption and the development of charging infrastructure.

TEP also provides customers with a list of approved vendors, a site evaluation and technical assistance to ensure the project goes smoothly and meets customer expectations.

“We’re happy to support the hospital’s sustainability goals and help them do their part to promote cleaner air by advancing transportation electrification,” said Geovanna Moreno, TEP Commercial Account Manager.

Dr. Christopher Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, gave the program a clean bill of health. “Electric vehicles provide a much-improved ecological footprint and directly reduce air contamination, thereby improving air quality,” he said. “As we adopt more EVs, the reduced production of pollutants will help patients with underlying lung disease.”

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