Tucson Electric Power has partnered with electric vehicle charging pioneer Chargeway to bring informational kiosks to three car dealerships in Southern Arizona.

With more people purchasing electric vehicles, it’s important that consumers – and car dealers – understand the basics of electric vehicles, including how they work as well as how and where to charge them.

The simple, intuitive Chargeway Beacon, a six-foot tall, interactive touchscreen kiosk, explains the basics of EV charging as well as where to find charging stations. The Beacon also addresses EV questions and provides links to information about TEP’s EV home charging rebates.

“EV customers have better experiences buying their vehicles from local dealers who can confidently and correctly answer their questions about EV charging,” says Matt Teske, founder of Chargeway. “The Chargeway platform is designed to simplify for TEP area auto dealers and drivers how easily electric fuel can be used at home and on the road with various networks.”

By partnering with Chargeway, TEP is helping local EV dealers by providing better tools and training, enabling EV buyers in Tucson to get clear, correct answers to their charging questions.

“Providing our customers with trusted information to make the vehicle purchase decision that is right for them is the first step in creating a positive customer experience,” said Camila Martins-Bekat, TEP’s Principal for Beneficial Electrification. “We believe Chargeway meets that objective in an interactive way, connecting our customers to information, our programs and pricing plans.”

Dealerships selling EVs also appreciate the kiosks. The three dealerships are Jim Click Hyundai East, Jim Click Kia and Chapman Volkswagen of Tucson.

“The Chargeway Beacon is a great focal point for EV customers,” said Kevin Hay, sales manager at Jim Click Hyundai East. “Every EV shopper we have has been drawn to it. It opens up discussions.”

He added that the kiosks provide a way to visualize the charging process. “Overall, Chargeway makes charging real for them. We can tell customers a lot about charging, but when they can easily see what plug and power works for them at a station, it truly helps them understand charging and alleviates their range anxiety. That is a big deal for customers.”

Chargeway’s partnership with TEP extends through 2025. During that time, Chargeway will collect feedback and information from dealership sales staff and EV drivers to enhance TEP’s EV program.

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