Spring Into Warmer-Weather Savings

The spring-cleaning sweep of your home is the perfect time to make sure all appliances are functioning properly, boost energy efficiency and prepare for the summer. In the typical Tucson house, more than 40 percent of each month’s electricity is used by plugged-in appliances. Vent fans and clothes dryers are used almost every day, yet


Storm Season: Plan Ahead, Be Prepared

By planning ahead, you can stay safe and minimize the inconvenience of a storm-related power outage. First and foremost, avoid dangerous situations. The best way to avoid lightning, flash floods and other inclement weather is to stay inside. Stay up to date on current weather forecasts — especially notifications issued for severe weather — and

New Technology Builds Solar Portfolio

Tucson Electric Power has added new technology to its renewable-energy portfolio by expanding its solar facilities in Springerville, Arizona. Two new solar arrays have a combined capacity of 10.13 megawatts — 2.83 megawatts of traditional rooftop panels that are mounted on a specialized rack and angled to maximize production, and an innovative 7.3-megawatt low-concentrated photovoltaic