Apprentice Designer Finds Journey Worth the Wait

A few years after high school, Adam M. was working in an uninspiring job and unsure of what long-term career to pursue next.

When a cousin told him about opportunities at Tucson Electric Power, Adam realized this was a place where he could get on-the-job training without a college degree. Now, Adam is an Apprentice Designer with about a year left of his program.

“It’s a fantastic career. I’ve had no regrets working at TEP.”

Adam got his introduction to TEP by going through the former Building for Success program at Pima Community College, which led to a Craft Internship at Southwest Energy Solutions. He moved to TEP as a Field Technician in Design and later landed the apprenticeship.

Now, he is going through rigorous training in different areas with guidance of a mentor to learn each aspect of the design areas – new businesses, public improvements and system integrity and system reinforcement. Much of his work requires coordination and communication with various departments, along with external customers.

Adam said TEP has offered him a stable, challenging job.

“It’s a fantastic career,” Adam said. “I’ve had no regrets working at TEP.”