Employee Learning & Development

At TEP, we recruit the top talent. But that’s not the end of the story. Being ready for the future demands talent development and continual growth. We know that engaged and empowered employees drive innovation, collaboration and creativity. Learn more about our commitment to provide dynamic learning pathways in support of employees at all levels.

Tucson Electric Power: Diverse Workforce Drives Innovation, Connection

Diverse Workforce Drives Innovation, Connection

Our community relies on the essential work we do, which in turn demands a pipeline of diverse talent.

Leadership Development

We offer many opportunities to help leaders develop essential skills and positive leadership practices. Our programs and courses help advance a culture where you can thrive and exceed expectations.

Speed of Trust

Trust is a critical component to improve productivity and accelerate growth. Leading at the Speed of Trust helps leaders propel their team further, more effectively.

Energizing Leadership

Good leadership doesn’t happen by accident. Employees in critical leadership roles learn to develop conscious leadership practices in this year-long program.

Activating Leadership

Training future leaders positions a business for long-term success. Classified employees interested in a leadership role develop core supervision skills.

Leading Change

Change can be exciting. Leaders learn how to tap into that energy and develop a culture of continuous improvement so employees embrace opportunities to create something new and valuable.

Positive Leadership Practices

Inspiring leaders motivate their teams. Leaders will learn how to implement multiple positive practices that help individuals and teams achieve their highest potential, flourish at work and experience elevating energy.

InsideOut Coaching Development

Coaching can help your team members tap into their full capacity. You can use simple workplace coaching tools to immediately focus conversations on key priorities, including difficult topics, and help others take action and own their outcomes.

Professional Development

At UNS, we believe improvement is continuous and learning is never finished.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

How you score on your first EQ test is just the first step. TalentSmart’s Mastering Emotional Intelligence® Level 1 will help you discover the 66 strategies you can use right away to take your EQ to new heights.

Strengths Finder

Sometimes we put too much focus on shoring up weaknesses. Taking this assessment that identifies personal strengths can help you begin to make the most of your talents.

DiSC Training

This assessment can help you improve work productivity, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

Unconscious Bias

How we see and treat each other as human beings is fundamental to our performance. In this course, participants will learn to identify and face biases using strategies that cultivate connections where everyone is respected, included, and valued.

Crucial Conversations

Leaders confront hard topics. In this course, you will learn tools for engaging in healthy dialogue when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.

Working Smart

Learn to focus priorities, improve your communications, manage your time, and tackle planning like a pro using: Outlook, Excel & Meetings.

Peer to Peer Learning

We have much to teach one another. Peer learning is becoming an increasingly important part of many work cultures, and we promote these types of learning experiences in a variety of contexts and disciplines. Among our offerings:

New Employee Community of Practice

New employees routinely gather to share experiences, build comradery, and learn tips for continued success.

Franklin Covey Community of Practice

Employees who like to learn outside of the classroom gather to work on self-directed e-learnings from one of the nation’s top providers of organizational & personal effectiveness training.

Daring Greatly Community of Practice

Brené Brown fans gather to explore the nature of vulnerability as they practice strategies for building meaningful connections at work and beyond.

Resource Groups

UNS is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and for this reason, we support Business Resource Groups. The groups consists of individuals that support and identify with shared diversity dimension. Participation is voluntary, the groups are employee-driven and self-organized.

Our current Resource Groups include:

  • Women in Energy
  • Veterans
  • LGBTQ+
  • N.A.T.I.V.E.
  • Professional Development

Company-approved Business Resource Groups help UNS to:

  • Raise cultural awareness of matters of importance in diverse communities
  • Promote UNS values, vision and shared purpose
  • Support the development of  leadership skills
  • Encourage recruitment, development and retention of diverse employees
  • Connect customers, communities and learning organizations on key issues
  • Engage in diverse thought fostering an inclusive environment
  • Increase collaboration and innovation across the company

Coworkers also may seek connection through Employee Resource Groups, which are voluntary, employee-led groups that are less directly aligned with the company mission, but provide opportunities to share common personal interests and perspectives.