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There is no better way to honor our nation’s veterans than to provide support for a successful transition to civilian life. Military personnel bring strong values and experiences that are honed during their service time. TEP recognizes these attributes and encourages our veterans to join us on the road to success.

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Recreating a Sense of Teamwork and Camaraderie After Service
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Veteran Finds Impactful Work After Service
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When Doing the Right Thing is Your Life’s Work
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Veterans are critical to our company’s talent pipeline. Their experience and training has taught them the value of teamwork, communication, critical thinking and more importantly, leadership.

The SkillBridge program provides retiring and transitioning Service members the opportunity to participate in internship training programs while transitioning out of military careers.

SkillBridge matches civilian opportunities to your job training and work experience at the end of your military duty, while the Department of Defense covers military pay and benefits during a service member’s time in the program.

It’s a win-win. Military members, who are integrated within our organization, gain valuable corporate skills training and civilian workforce experience. And veterans help us build a more diverse workforce, with different backgrounds and experiences that foster innovation, creativity and productivity.

You may be eligible to participate in SkillBridge if you have 120–180 days of service remaining prior to your date of separation and you have at least 180 continuous days of active service. For more information, please contact Jennifer North at

Veterans Business Resource Group

The UNS Veteran Business Resource Group is a key part of our effort to engage, recruit and retain military veterans. The group creates a forum for veterans to connect and build relationships, increases morale and helps advance our company’s commitment to inclusion and engagement.

In recognizing the strategic and operational skills of our military veterans, the Veteran Business Resource Group helps influence professional development while providing support and mentorship for military veteran employees.

In addition to the Veterans Business Resource Group, TEP provides a number of dynamic learning pathways in support of employees at all levels.

"I was treated more like a hire than an intern. I was given the opportunity to choose between several departments." Doyace W., TEP Engineering Project Manager

Additional resources for Veterans

Troops to Energy Jobs

Troops to Energy Jobs provides veterans with a roadmap for entry into highly-skilled utility and engineering occupations within the energy industry. These jobs are both challenging and rewarding, and provide competitive compensation and professional growth opportunities.

Arizona Veteran Careers

TEP is also a proud member of Arizona Veteran Careers, which offers veteran recruitment throughout the state and helps service members, veterans and their family members grow their careers.

Arizona Coalition for Military Families

The Arizona Coalition for Military Families is public/private partnership and statewide collective impact initiative focused on building Arizona’s capacity to care for, serve, support and employ service members, veterans and their families.

Military/Veteran Resource Navigation Training

Military/Veteran Resource Navigation Training provides access to Resource Navigators that are trained to connect service members, veterans & family members to the array of available resources. Resource Navigating provides crucial tools for members of our community to help connect people to the support and resources they need as part of its upstream prevention approach and Be Connected program.