Building a Healthy Company Culture with a Focus on Wellness

Healthy employees achieve their best performance.

And at our company, healthy means more than counting calories and steps. Sure, it means eating well and being active, but it also means connecting with others, securing financial health, having opportunities for mindfulness and finding support to address mental health needs.

“We want employees to bring their best selves to work,” explained Kim Huffman, also known as “Coach K,” Human Resources Management Systems & Benefits Analyst. “When people feel strong and healthy, they bring that energy to their teams and it ultimately impacts your culture as a whole. It also helps them experience life more fully outside of work so it’s very important to us that we provide the right resources to help our employees achieve their best wellness.”

Wellness experts have recognized our innovative and comprehensive program. A few highlights:

  • Health coaches: Each location has a health coach who can provide expertise one-on-one to help you meet your personal health goals, from nutrition to exercise and stress management.
  • Wellness champions: Our grassroots employee wellness champions support each location and help keep peers motivated in the spirit of wellness.
  • Fresh programs: Fun challenges put a new twist on getting moving, eating right, staying hydrated and meeting goals. The team hosts regular opportunities to learn something new, such as through lunch and learns and other demonstrations, and sends short tips over email to increase awareness.
  • Mindfulness: This app-based program, fully paid by the Company, provides brief videos on the many aspects of mindfulness and sends reminders right to your phone to help you reduce stress and increase focus.
  • Mental health support: Employees are encouraged to use our many available resources to get additional support to support and enhance their mental wellbeing.
  • Financial wellness: Studies show that 8 out of 10 people identify money as a significant source of stress in their lives. TEP provides its employees with access to a robust, self-paced program to build financial confidence and help reach goals, whether that’s buying a home, investing for retirement or improving credit scores.
  • Incentives for health visits: Many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, can be prevented, but many don’t have obvious symptoms. An annual visit with your primary healthcare provider can help establish a baseline and monitor your health for changes.

“We know wellness is personal to each employee and that we all have unique goals and motivations,” Coach K said. “We know we can’t create one single program to meet everyone’s needs, but we’ve created a comprehensive series of options that really allow employees to personalize their own program and shape their own version of health.”