Energy-efficient pools

Rebates on variable-speed pool pumps

Sorry, there are no instant rebates currently available for energy efficient variable-speed pool pumps.

Standard pool pumps operate at speeds that cannot be adjusted to your pool's needs. They simply run at the same high speed all the time, wasting energy and money. Variable-speed pumps can be programmed to operate at the right speed for the right task, which saves you energy.

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Why buy a variable-speed pool pump?
  • Use 70% less energy than single-speed pumps
  • Enjoy a cleaner pool with improved water clarity
  • Save an average of $300 or more per year in energy costs
  • Quieter operation when compared to a single-speed pool pump
  • Increased life of filtration and cleaning systems
  • Can be programmed to run at the right speed, at the right time and for the right duration to accommodate your pool size as well as your personal schedule
How do I get the rebate?
  • Simply visit a TEP-qualified pool professional and select an approved variable-speed pool pump. Read the FAQs section and see "Which variable-speed pool pumps qualify for the rebate?" for a full list of qualified pumps
  • Show the pool professional a copy of your TEP bill
  • TEP rebate will be an instant discount at the time of sale
  • The pool professional will work with you to install and calibrate your new pump to maximize your energy savings
Program guidelines and eligibility
  • Rebates are available to TEP residential customers only
  • Your new variable-speed pump must be purchased through a TEP-qualified pool professional and installed on an in-ground pool at a single-family residence in TEP's service territory
  • The pump must be a qualifying new variable-speed unit. Used pumps or replacement motors do not qualify for rebates.
  • One pump rebate per household (unless approved by a program field coordinator)
  • Pumps for water features, slides, standalone spas and booster pumps do not qualify
  • All rebates are subject to the availability of funds


Compared to a single-speed pump, variable-speed pumps:
  • Reduce energy use by up to 70%, or even more after proper calibration
  • Save an average of $300 or more a year in energy costs
  • Can be programmed to run at the right speed, at the right time and for the right duration to accommodate your pool size as well as your personal schedule
  • Improve pool water quality by running correctly at lower filtration speeds
  • Provide whisper-quiet, low-speed operation

Pool professionals

The following retailers and pool professionals are recognized as TEP-qualified pool professionals and offer instant rebates on variable-speed pumps at the time of purchase.

More pool professionals are added every week, so check back often.

Pool Pump Award iconE-Konomy Pool Service, Inc.  is our 2017 Pool Professional of the Year for the second year in a row. E-Konomy has served the Tucson area since 1961, providing outstanding service to its customers and offering them energy efficient variable-speed pumps. In 2017, E-Konomy installed 302 ENERGY STAR-rated pool pumps, helping customers to achieve 536,654 kilowatt-hours of energy savings. Congratulations, E-Konomy, for being recognized two consecutive years for supporting TEP’s energy efficiency program!

Pool partners

Are you a pool retailer, pool builder or service professional who would like to participate in this program? Contact our customer service team at 844-237-2834 or tepefficientpoolpumps@ecova.com.

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