About 30 employees from Tucson Electric Power ride in El Tour de Tucson each year. Company donations cover registration fees, while the riders raise money for nonprofits such as Easter Seals, Tu Nidito and Ben’s Bells.

Founded in 1983, El Tour de Tucson is one of the city’s signature sporting events. Its full 106-mile course makes it the longest perimeter bicycling event in America. Held the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year, El Tour de Tucson attracts more than 9,000 cyclists from around the world.

From helping nonprofit agencies to supporting employees’ healthy lifestyles and being part of one of the city’s largest events, TEP’s support of El Tour de Tucson aligns with the company’s values of community and service.

“El Tour de Tucson makes Tucson unique and exemplifies what Tucson is about. Being a part of an event like El Tour demonstrates TEP’s commitment to the community,” said Steven Eddy, TEP’s Supervisor of Government Affairs, who has ridden in the event for many years.

TEP encourages employees to participate to support their well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle. Depending on their schedules, employees sometimes get together to train before the event. Some also wear TEP cycling jerseys during the race.

Riders enjoy camaraderie with their fellow cyclists and support from family members and friends who cheer them on at the start and finish.

“Whether you do the whole 106 miles or a shorter ride, you’re surrounded by cycling enthusiasts who are out there for the sheer joy of riding,” said Eddy, who often bikes to and from work. “It allows you to share your passion for cycling. Just being a part of the event and riding with so many cyclists is an overwhelming experience.”

Eddy enjoys spreading the word about El Tour to other TEP employees: “I always encourage fellow employees and let them know they don’t have to be a professional cyclist to enter. You can go at your own pace and take in the scenery of Tucson.”

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