Need An Energy Assessment?

Gain greater control over your energy costs with a complimentary commercial energy assessment from Tucson Electric Power.

A TEP-approved contractor will visit your facility and suggest cost effective, energy efficiency upgrades that are eligible for rebates from TEP. Businesses on TEP’s Small General Service Rate may be eligible for rebates for up to 90 percent of the costs of the energy efficiency upgrades.

Depending on your type of facility, operating hours, climate considerations and needs, an energy assessment typically will evaluate the current state of your lighting fixtures (interior and exterior) and the age and condition of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, systems. The assessment also will identify potential ductwork leakage and evaluate any refrigerating equipment, if present.

Also, thermostats and their settings are inspected for proper functionality. Programmable thermostats, which are eligible for a rebate, may be recommended if they are not already installed.

Upgrading equipment and increasing energy efficiency can produce immediate monthly savings as well as significant long-term benefits. Energy efficiency upgrades often can provide a double-digit return on your investment.

Contact TEP at 520-495-6333 or email to request your energy assessment.

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