Local higher education institutions are becoming more energy efficient and saving money, thanks to TEP rebates that are helping them meet their sustainability goals.

Both Pima Community College and the University of Arizona recently received TEP rebates for upgrades that will reduce energy usage in the long term.

“TEP consistently supports our large customers, including Pima College and the University of Arizona, in achieving their energy efficiency goals,” said Rustyn Sherer, Senior Key Account Manager. “We work directly with our customers on expansive rebate programs to provide savings to them, while helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint in Tucson. These upgrades allow our educational institutions to thrive.”

Last year, TEP paid $265,000 in rebates to Pima College for the completion of 14 projects. Those included:

  • Lighting upgrades for both interiors and exteriors at three campuses.
  • The new Center of Excellence facility at the downtown campus.
  • Expansion of the Aviation Tech Center located at the Tucson International Airport.

To meet academic needs into the future, the college has purchased additional property around the downtown campus where new buildings also will include energy-efficient equipment.

“Tucson Electric Power and their partners were extremely meticulous and supportive in exploring all opportunities to find the maximum rebate potential for Pima Community College,” said David Clark, PCC’s Superintendent of Operations.

At the University of Arizona, TEP presented rebates for $171,400 across four projects:

  • McKale Memorial Center
  • Civil Engineering Building
  • Henry Koffler Building
  • Facilities Management

Most of the rebates covered automation system upgrades, which made the buildings more energy efficient for long-term savings. The Facilities Management building rebate covered costs for new construction.

Such rebates align with TEP’s support of local schools and businesses with the goal of helping them improve energy savings. Along with our rebates, TEP has a long partnership with both Pima College and the UA, including program support and internships. These help promote careers and future job growth.

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