Tucson Electric Power is providing even bigger savings to businesses and schools that make energy efficiency upgrades through a fall promotion.

Business customers can receive rebates of up to 75 percent on costs for qualified projects, including the installations of select lighting equipment and electric motors that are completed by Nov. 15. Normally, rebates are capped at 50 percent of the full cost.

“Higher rebates help our customers improve their businesses and save on long-term energy costs,” said Art Fregoso, Manager of Technical Services for Commercial Accounts.

Funding is limited and rebates will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some projects that were previously ineligible for rebates may now be considered under the promotion.

Learn more about the fall promotion and how to apply.

Small Businesses and Schools

Through TEP’s EasySave program, small businesses and schools can seek higher rebates on certain energy-efficient lights.

Customers can apply for rebates for new projects or for those that are in progress.

In addition to the fall promotion, EasySave continues to offer rebates on other energy-efficient upgrades, such as refrigeration, controls and HVAC systems, at up to 50 percent of the full cost.

Learn more about TEP’s EasySave program.

Large Businesses

Under TEP’s EasySave Plus program, large businesses can receive increased rebates for qualified LED tube lighting projects and variable-speed drives for motors.

Rebates can be applied to projects with installation dates in 2018 and completion dates by Nov. 15.

EasySave Plus is continuing other rebates to help businesses with the purchase costs of other energy-efficient equipment, such as HVAC systems, at the usual rates.

Learn more about the EasySave Plus program.

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