We answer common questions fielded by our Commercial Customer Service Representatives, who specialize in helping businesses, nonprofit groups and schools. George Larrinaga answers this month’s question.

My workplace would like to save money on its electric bill during the summer. Are there better times than others to use energy? Will shifting my use lower my bill?

We offer options to help you manage your bills during the summer and throughout the year. We suggest you review your workplace’s current pricing plan to make sure it works best for your business.

First, if you manage electric bills for your workplace, you can confirm your plan by reviewing it through My Account on tep.com or by giving us a call. It’s easy to register for My Account.

If you are on a Basic rate, consider whether a Time-of-Use plan would be a good option for your workplace. Time-of-Use pricing plans allow customers to pay less during off-peak times.

In My Account, you’ll be able to review monthly, daily and hourly use on the My Energy Usage page. It will also show your on-peak usage, which runs from 2-8 p.m. on weekdays during the summer, as well as your off-peak usage. If you can shift much of your power to off-peak hours, you could significantly reduce your monthly electric bill.

Some businesses, like manufacturers, can more easily shift the time that they run equipment or cool their buildings. For others, like stores and restaurants with fixed hours, the rate may not be cost-effective.

Please review information about all of our business rates and pricing plans. We’re here to help you with your energy needs. Please contact the Commercial Call center at 520-623-7711 or businesscallcenter@tep.com.

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