Organizations led by and serving women and girls of color will soon have broader access to unrestricted, general operating funds that support their work.

The Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona is now accepting applications for the new Women and Girls of Color Fund, the first of its kind in Arizona. Tucson Electric Power was an early funder.

“Providing resources to women and girls of color, and supporting their ability to have decision-making control over how they invest in solutions, is an important pathway in building the power of our communities,” said Wendy Erica Werden, Manager of Philanthropy & Community Investment. “We believe this fund empowers women and girls to create their own destiny.”

Grant funding is limited to Arizona organizations led by and serving women and girls of color. The highest leadership position must be held by a woman of color, with 75 percent of the organization’s decision-making coming from women and girls of color. Participants also must show that 75 percent or more of its service population is comprised of women and girls of color.

“This is a bold step in creating a fund that is unabashedly focused on women and girls of color. They deserve dedicated support that affirms their unique contributions, needs and presence in our state,” said Laci Lester, grant manager of the fund.

The deadline for nonprofit organizations to apply is 6 p.m. on Aug. 12, 2021.

The application can be accessed online at

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