Energy-efficient homes are healthy, comfortable and save customers significantly on their energy bills over the long run.

Tucson Electric Power’s Energy Smart Homes are designed and built to high energy-efficiency standards. We advise local homebuilders on best practices and work with them to offset the cost of energy-efficiency testing and certification.

“These homes are built better, they’re more comfortable and they use significantly less energy than typical homes,” said Armando Ruiz, a Senior Tech Specialist with TEP’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program.

Energy Smart Homes are inspected by a third party, so customers can be confident in their energy efficiency. Home Energy Raters, an independent company, conducts onsite testing to verify the energy-efficiency measures in place and inspect the insulation, air tightness and duct sealing.

“The third-party verification assures the job is done right,” Ruiz said. “Customers can be confident that the energy-efficiency measures have been installed properly, and they can enjoy the comfort of their new home.”

The best way to ensure energy efficiency in a new home is to look for the ENERGY STAR® certification.

ENERGY STAR® homes have aligned air and thermal barriers. This enables the shell of the home, separating inside from out, to act as a much better insulator than in a regular home. The result is your air conditioning doesn’t have to run as often to maintain comfort.

“With an ENERGY STAR® rating, a house meets quality and construction requirements that are in line with ENERGY STAR® appliances,” Ruiz said.

While the number of new home being built tends to increase and decrease based on swings in the broader housing market, energy-efficient construction remains a focus for TEP and local builders alike.

“The number of new-construction homes that are sold may follow up and down trends, but energy efficiency constantly evolves. It’s always improving, with technology, materials and new installation techniques,” Ruiz said. “Building a home to energy-efficiency standards is an investment in higher quality that pays for itself.”

If you would like to learn more about the TEP Energy Smart Homes program, email or call 520-884-3616.

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