A new website uses trash, trees and even a time machine to show how Tucson Electric Power is meeting our community’s long-term energy needs.

The Next Generation of Tucson, available today at http://tucson.energy, documents the ongoing evolution of TEP’s power portfolio. The site also highlights some of the company’s sustainability efforts, including a tree-planting program and a system that converts landfill gas to renewable power.

“The site offers an easy way to learn more about how TEP provides reliable power while protecting and preserving our environment,” said Jeff Yockey, Manager of Energy Resource Planning for TEP. “It explains how we developed our current resource mix and how those resources are expected to change over time.”

The “TEP Time Machine” provides a virtual glimpse of how Tucson’s energy future will increasingly be powered by cleaner energy resources, including the company’s growing renewable energy portfolio. There’s also an animated review of our community’s energy history and an interactive opportunity to evaluate resource options using the new energy “Mix Master.”

The site is designed to be engaging for visitors of all ages, with accessible, easy-to-read content, useful graphics and links to more in-depth resources on tep.com. Future updates and new content will ensure that the site remains a valuable resource for TEP customers.

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