Oct 8 2012 12:00:00:000AM
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TEP Introduces First New Company Logo in 33 Years

Tucson, Ariz. — Tucson Electric Power (TEP) unveiled a new logo today intended to reflect the company’s forward-looking, innovative and sustainable approach to serving southern Arizona.

The former logo, featuring a white lightning bolt and lettering against a blue background, was first used in 1979, when the company then known as the Tucson Gas & Electric Company sold its gas operations and changed its name to Tucson Electric Power Company.

“A lot has changed over the past 33 years for our customers, our company and our community, so we felt it was time to update the visual element that represents Tucson Electric Power” said Paul Bonavia, Chairman and CEO of TEP and its parent company, UNS Energy (NYSE: UNS). “The new logo was inspired by our commitment to safe and reliable service, combined with our ongoing initiatives for building a bright tomorrow for our community.”The new logo features a sunny-colored arc suggestive of Southern Arizona’s most prominent characteristic and was designed to resemble the recently introduced logo for UNS Energy. The blue lettering, the same color used in the previous TEP logo, is a tribute to the new logo’s predecessor.

The new logo is expected to begin appearing on customers’ bills in December or January, and will be incorporated gradually into fleet vehicle decals, forms, stationery, business cards, facilities markers, clothing, signs and other items as they need to be replaced or replenished.

Tucson Electric Power provides safe, reliable service to 404,000 customers in southern Arizona. To learn more, visit For more information about UNS Energy, visit

Note: A limited number of TEP’s field vehicles will bear the new logo beginning today. Members of the news media interested in obtaining footage or photographs of these vehicles in the field may contact the company’s Marketing & Communications Department. High-quality copies of the logo are available upon request.

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