May 12 2015

TEP Offers Rebates For Energy Efficient Variable-speed Pool Pumps

Tucson, Ariz. — Tucson Electric Power (TEP) residential customers can enjoy a refreshing dip in their energy expenses and an instant rebate by purchasing a high-efficiency variable-speed pool pump.

Customers participating in TEP’s new Energy-Efficient Pool Pump Rebate Program can receive a $120 rebate by purchasing an ENERGY STAR®-qualified variable-speed pump from a TEP-qualified pool professional. With proper calibration, variable-speed pumps can reduce energy use by 70 percent and save users more than $300 a year in energy costs.

Traditional pool pumps operate at a single, high speed at all times. Variable-speed pumps can be programmed to operate at high speed only when necessary, which saves energy and improves pool water quality.

The rebate is fast and easy. Customers just need to present one of their TEP bills to a TEP-qualified pool professional, who will apply the rebate as a discount to the sale price.

TEP-qualified pool professionals will work with customers to install and calibrate pumps to maximize energy savings. To receive a rebate, pumps must be installed on an in-ground pool at a single-family residence. A list of qualified pool pumps, TEP-qualified pool professionals and full program guidelines are available at

The program is one of several new energy efficiency offerings from TEP this year, including discounted LED lighting and a new refrigerator recycling program. TEP offers a variety of customer-funded energy efficiency programs that have been reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The programs have been proven to be cost-effective for all customers — not just those who participate — by reducing TEP’s long-term need for new energy resources. They also reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in reduced air emissions and water usage.

TEP’s energy efficiency programs have helped customers save more than 641,000 megawatt-hours — enough energy to power nearly 62,000 homes for a year. These savings help TEP work toward the goals in Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard, which calls on utilities to achieve cumulative energy savings of 22 percent by 2020.

Tucson Electric Power provides safe, reliable electric service to approximately 414,000 customers in southern Arizona. For more information about TEP’s residential and commercial energy efficiency programs, visit

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Note: The Refrigerator Recycling Program has been discontinued.

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