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New Electric Rates

Tucson Electric Power customers can choose from several new pricing plans under updated rates approved in February 2017 by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

New rates took effect on February 27, 2017. A typical residential customer’s average monthly bill is expected to increase by about $8.50 compared to rates paid in November 2015, when TEP requested new rates.

Residential and small commercial customers can choose new Time-of-Use, Peak Demand and Demand Time-of-Use plans as alternatives to a Basic plan. Time-of-Use plans offer lower rates most of the time but higher rates during on-peak hours. Demand plans combine even lower energy charges with a fee based on customers’ highest hourly energy use.

The new Time-of-Use, Peak Demand and Demand Time-of-Use plans will feature a reduced monthly Basic Service Charge of $10, compared to $13 for the Basic plan. The new plans allow customers to reduce their bills by limiting their electric use during periods when customers typically use the most energy.

Our new rates offer:

  • Fair, flexible pricing plans with new options for residential and small commercial customers
  • Larger discounts for limited-income customers.
  • Incentives for new or existing businesses that create new jobs and meet other requirements. These temporary incentives are intended to help our communities attract new employers and encourage existing businesses to expand their operations.

Additional changes that could affect new users of private solar power systems will be considered by the ACC later this year. Public comments on these proposed changes will be heard on June 26, 2017 beginning at 10 a.m. in a hearing room at 400 W. Congress St. in Tucson.

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Choose to Save

Four new pricing plans are available for residential and small commercial customers. Choose to save and take control of your electric bill.
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Stable, Affordable Rates

Tucson Electric Power’s rates have been remarkably stable, rising at less than the rate of inflation over the last two decades.


Proposed Changes for New Solar Customers

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