Incentives and rebates from Tucson Electric Power can help you make smart investments now that pay long-term dividends through more efficient energy use.

“If you need to replace a major energy appliance or you can afford to invest in energy efficiency measures right now, these incentives can lower your immediate and longer-term energy costs,” said Francisco Castro, TEP Manager of Energy Programs. “Many times these energy efficiency upgrades will pay for themselves in a fairly short amount of time.”

Here are eight smart incentives that can help reduce your overall energy costs while contributing to a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

Heating & Cooling Systems – Up to $900
If your old or inefficient air conditioning won’t make it through another sizzling Arizona summer, consider replacing it with an ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump unit to quality for an instant rebate of up to $900. The average lifespan of an air conditioning system in Arizona is 12-15 years – compared to 20 or more in cooler climates – because of the intense and prolonged summer heat.

AC Tune-ups – Up to $205
To keep your air conditioning system working efficiently throughout Arizona’s hot summers, have your system inspected and tuned-up annually. TEP offers rebates of up to $205 for refrigerant charging, coil cleaning and the installation of a Western Cooling Control™, a device that improves the cooling performance of your air conditioning system. A tune-up will make your system work more efficiently so that you use less energy and save money on cooling costs.

Duct Sealing – Up to $300
Leaky ducts in your home’s heating and cooling system can reduce efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Sealing those leaks improves the comfort and indoor air quality of your home and saves you money. By using a TEP approved contractor, you can receive an instant rebate of up to $300.

Advanced Thermostats – $35
An advanced programmable thermostat is called “smart” for a reason: It adapts to your heating and cooling patterns and automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re home or away. Customers who make the most of their smart thermostats can save between 10-15 percent on their heating and cooling bills. Get a $35 credit on your electric bill from TEP for an online or in-store purchase of any qualifying smart thermostat.

Pool Pumps – $195
With pool season here, now is the time to upgrade your single-speed pool pump to an ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pump. You can reduce your pool pump energy costs by about $400 a year while saving $195 off the price of the pump with TEP’s rebate when you purchase a qualified model from one of TEP’s approved pool partners. The new pump could pay for itself in energy cost savings in as little as two years.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers – Up to $500
Residential EV owners who install a Level 2 EV charger or higher can claim a rebate of up to $500 that covers up to 75 percent of the purchase and installation cost. To qualify for the rebate, homeowners must provide a copy of the EV registration, use a licensed installerensure the project is properly permitted, and use a Time-of-Use pricing plan for at least two years.

Shade Trees – $5 per tree (up to three trees)
Shade trees help keep your home cooler by reducing radiant heat absorbed by your home, walls and pavement. Residential customers can order up to three 5-gallon trees for the discounted price of just $5 each. This year, the Trees for You program is open all year long.

Water Heaters – $400
Water heaters are the second highest energy user in a typical home (along with pool pumps). Heat pump water heaters are more than twice as efficient as standard electric tank water heaters. If you have an old, inefficient electric water heater, you might consider upgrading to an ENERGY STAR heat pump water heater. You can start saving money on water heating today and for years to come – and get a $400 rebate from TEP.

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