Teachers tour T&D operations

TEP is helping to build a pipeline of talent to fill high-growth, high-demand positions in the craft trades by collaborating with local schools and colleges and working with teachers and career counselors.

In June, TEP collaborated with the Center for the Future of Arizona to host a two-day externship for seven teachers from local schools and colleges as part of the Arizona Pathways to Prosperity program. Participating teachers received tours and presentations from 14 areas across TEP’s Transmission and Distribution operations.

The goal of the externship was to help teachers understand the skills that their students will need to work in utility maintenance and construction. Teachers who help students build those skills will be providing them a clear pathway to industry careers.

“Skilled trade workers are in high demand, which is expected to increase as nearly 12 percent of the current workforce is expected to retire within the next eight years,” said Joanne Kingman, T&D Training Supervisor. “Our collaboration with high schools and colleges and teachers and career counselors helps expose students to some great career opportunities and at the same time help build a skilled workforce for the jobs of the future.”

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