Customers have a role to play in ensuring safe, reliable electricity at home and at work.

TEP’s local energy grid extends as far as the electric meter serving your home or business. Customers are responsible for the safe maintenance of all remaining equipment, including the meter base panel, above-ground wire connections, household wiring and any circuit breakers or fuses in their service panel.

Fortunately, your electric panel requires minimal upkeep. “Homeowners may just need to inspect it periodically for corrosion or deterioration from the weather,” said Don McAdams, TEP Principal Energy Services Engineer. Customers also might need to access the panel to reset a breaker if it trips.

It’s a good idea to identify the rooms and appliances on each circuit so that you know which breaker to check if there’s a problem. But you shouldn’t risk working on your electric panel or any electrical wiring if you’re not properly trained.

“To avoid an electrical shock or hazard, don’t touch or disassemble anything electrical unless you know what you’re doing. If you do access the wiring inside your load center compartment, test it with a voltmeter first to find out which wires are energized,” said McAdams. “Unsure customers should seek the services of a licensed electrician for their own safety.”

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