As the first day of summer approaches, businesses already are dealing with hotter weather and summer rains. But TEP can offer some relief with programs and services designed to help our customers handle the unpredictable and toasty weather.

Throughout the year, TEP crews take steps to make sure we’re ready for high demand, including prioritizing key projects since the pandemic began. We also continually upgrade our poles and infrastructure to ensure reliability, as well as prepare for wildfires that may affect our facilities.

Here are some other ways we support your workplace:

Managing Bills

TEP offers programs for customers to monitor and process their bills so they are better able to manage their costs.

In the past few months, businesses may have experienced changes in their energy use because of workplace shifts during the pandemic. As operations begin to pick up, it’s worth a look at your electricity plan.

Budget Billing: Instead of bills that vary month to month, customers can sign up for Budget Billing to pay the same amount each month, making it easier to plan ahead. With Budget Billing, estimated annual charges are divided into equal, monthly payments. Customers must have a 12-month billing history with TEP to qualify for the program.

My Energy Usage: If you are unsure about when you use energy, and how much, take a look at My Energy Usage on the website or mobile app. Under My Account, the page allows you to track your monthly, daily and hourly electric usage, allowing you to make informed choices.

Pricing Plans: With that information, customers may consider a new pricing plan. TEP offers some choices that charge different rates at different times, allowing customers to shift their usage to save.

Prepare for Monsoons

Monsoon storms often include microbursts with powerful winds that can snap utility poles and blow debris into power lines, leading to service interruptions.

When these happen, TEP offers up-to-date information on our outage map on and the mobile app. The outage map shows the location, size, cause and estimated restoration time for outages that affect more than 25 customers. It’s updated every five minutes to give the most current information.

During monsoon season, TEP increases staffing at our call center to handle higher call volume. Businesses can contact our emergency hotline at 520-623-3451 to report an outage or damaged equipment. However, if a utility pole or power line is down, please call 911 instead.

For specialized service for non-emergency questions, businesses can contact the Commercial Call Center at 520-623-7711.

Save Energy

Our Commercial Energy Solutions team provides rebates and discounts on energy-efficient products to help businesses save money in the long run.

Some rebates help offset initial costs on bigger investments, such as new heating, ventilation and air conditioning units that will trim costs over time.

But we also give rebates on smaller items that can protect equipment and cut energy usage.

Those include rebates on plug-load smart strips at $9 a strip and discounts on certain shade screens. TEP also gives rebates for LED lighting. Learn more about rebates on equipment.

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