Tucson Electric Power customers who are struggling to pay their bills in full should try to at least pay something every month – we can design a payment plan that helps – to avoid accumulating an unmanageable balance.

“We understand that some customers are worried about their bills and may not be able to pay the full amount due, but they should pay something every month to avoid falling too far behind,” said Denise Richerson, Director of Customer Services and Programs. “Working together, we can help them come up with a solution for their personal situation.”

TEP has suspended disconnections and late fees on delinquent accounts to provide relief for customers during the pandemic. Those accommodations will extend through Oct. 15 for residential customers under rules approved last year by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Still, customers remain responsible for paying all of their current and past due balances they accumulate during this period. Accounts with deposits will have their deposit amount applied to their balance before a disconnection is initiated for non-payment after Oct. 15, but the deposit must be repaid over four months. Those customers will need to pay the installment plus current charges on their monthly electric bills to avoid possible disconnection this winter.

Customers who don’t pay their full overdue balance before receiving their first bill after Oct. 15 will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan that divides their balance into four monthly installments.

Although Arizona businesses began reopening in May, TEP realizes it may take weeks or months before economic conditions stabilize and families can get back on their feet financially.

“We are able to offer customers several options and resources to help them pay down their electric bills, but we urge them to call us right away,” said Richerson.

Those options include payment extensions, payment plans and Budget Billing. To request a payment extension, log into My Account or call TEP Customer Care at 520-623-7711. Another option is to enroll in Budget Billing, which divides your estimated annual energy costs into 12 equal monthly payments so that you pay the same amount each month, making bills more manageable.

Limited-income customers can request short-term financial assistance through nonprofit agencies or a $15 monthly discount on their bill through TEP’s Lifeline program. As part of our company’s COVID-19 relief efforts, TEP and our sister company donated $500,000 to Wildfire, a nonprofit agency that provides direct financial assistance to help customers pay their utility bills.

“We know that many customers are doing the best that they can, and we appreciate that,” Richerson said. “Working together, we can come up with a payment arrangement to help them pay down their balance if they just call us for help.”

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