Since 1995, Tucson Electric Power has worked with Habitat for Humanity Tucson to build several homes and support many home-repair projects. Over the years, TEP has donated trucks to Habitat construction crews, provided new solar water heaters for some homes and supplied countless energy-efficient light bulbs for Habitat homes.

“Habitat for Humanity is a community leader in affordable housing,” said Wendy Erica Werden, TEP’s Manager of Community Relations and Philanthropy. “They’ve taken a leadership role enabling other nonprofits and local governments to find sustainable housing for people transitioning out of poverty.”

TEP’s longstanding partnership with Habitat for Humanity began in 1995, when TEP Community Action Team employee volunteers helped build two houses in South Park that incorporated the best practices of energy-efficient construction.

Habitat for Humanity was TEP’s first nonprofit partner on energy-efficient homes for low-income homeowners and led the national model for the use of solar hot water in subsidized housing to keep home energy affordable.

Habitat works with TEP’s shade trees program to plant shade trees next to homes that it builds.

TEP employees also contribute by working on Habitat committees to organize supplies and materials families need in their new homes. Kevin Larson, TEP’s Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, serves on Habitat’s local board of directors. Larson and his wife also serve on a Habitat committee that teaches new homeowners about various aspects of home ownership.

“I’m very grateful for what our employees do in our community and how much impact their volunteer work has for our customers, over and beyond their jobs,” Werden said. “They care, and they have a great sense of what teamwork can accomplish.”

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