Keeping alleys clear allows our utility crews to access equipment for upgrades and power restoration. It also allows first responders to quickly assist residents in emergencies.

Cluttered alleys with large obstacles or overgrown vegetation can hinder our efforts to restore power in a timely fashion. Blocked alleys sometimes delay upgrades to our grid – planned months in advance – to improve service reliability.

Blocked alleys almost prevented TEP from replacing a number of aging poles in an established midtown neighborhood.

“When our designers went out to survey the work area and stake new locations for the poles, there were so many obstructions they couldn’t even access that area,” said Lee Bryne, Project Manager for TEP’s Resource Management Team. “The project is at risk of being delayed, and it’s difficult to reschedule resources for major projects like this one.”

Cluttered alleys also can impact other services to residents if they prevent trash collection or the ability to service the water system.

Residents can help by removing any large items from the alley behind their homes and keeping grass and vegetation trimmed.

City of Tucson codes require that these rights-of-way be kept free of obstacles and overgrown vegetation. Property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of these areas, including one-half of the width of any alley next to their property. If TEP or other utilities must remove these obstructions, the costs could be charged to the property owner.

The City of Tucson provides brush and bulky trash service twice a year for free. Residents also may pay a fee for special pickups.  This gives residents the chance to clear their yards, garages and alleys of any debris. To report illegal dumping, residents can file a Code Enforcement Violation Report.

“TEP works closely with the City of Tucson to make sure there are no impediments to these easements and rights-of-way, while helping to build awareness of the programs and resources available to residents,” said Adriana Mariñez, TEP Local Affairs Representative.

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