Not sure if you’re on the right pricing plan? Use our new Pricing Planner tool on to find out and take control of your electric bills by choosing a plan that works for you.

The Pricing Planner can analyze your electric use over the past year to estimate the average bills you could expect to pay under each of our four unique pricing plans: Time-of-Use (TOU), Peak Demand, Demand TOU and Basic.

The plan that produces the lowest bill is highlighted, though your real-life results may vary if your energy use patterns change. After running the analysis, the tool will refer you to other web pages where you can learn more about the pricing plans and switch to a new plan.

The tool can accessed from My Account or the Compare Pricing Plans page. Customers who don’t have My Account can still use the tool by entering their account number and user information.

“This tool helps customers take control of their electric bills,” said Denise Richerson, Director of Customer Service and Programs. “If they are aware of how and when they use energy and are willing to shift their energy use to off-peak hours, they can take advantage of lower rate plans and save money.”

Conversely, customers who choose a lower-rate TOU plan but continue to use a lot of energy during on-peak hours could see their energy costs increase.

Before deciding to switch pricing plans, you should consider whether your energy use might change, or if you’re willing to alter your energy use to reduce their monthly bills. You can avoid energy use during on-peak hours by using programmable thermostats and pool pumps and the “delay start” feature on certain appliances.

If you would like to reduce your overall energy usage and costs, you can find helpful tips on our website.

To change pricing plans, just click “Change plan” on the My Account page of or call Customer Care at 520-623-7711.

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