Outage Map on Mobile App

Stay informed about electric service disruptions, especially during storm season, by checking Tucson Electric Power’s outage map on tep.com or the TEP mobile app.

Updated every five minutes, TEP’s outage map shows outage locations, the number of customers affected, the estimated time of restoration – and more. For safety and privacy reasons, outages affecting fewer than 25 customers do not appear on the map.

The map offers information about more outages than TEP’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, which include details about longer, more widespread outages.

To report a power outage at your home or business, please use My Account on tep.com or the mobile app. Or, call TEP Customer Care at 520-623-7711 and use our automated service to receive a call back when your service has been restored.

Customer reports, along with field evaluations and system monitoring data, help TEP’s system controllers identify outages and possible causes even before TEP crews are dispatched.

“TEP introduced the outage map five years ago as a convenience to our customers,” said Denise Richerson-Smith, Director of Customer Services & Programs. “Using their smartphone, tablet or computer, customers can access the outage map and report outages from anywhere and at any time. They can also see when power is expected to be restored.”

While priority is given to repairs that present a safety hazard or affect critical facilities – such as hospitals, police and fire service or customers on life-support equipment – crews work as quickly and safely as possible to restore service to all customers.

Often, repair crews are able to reroute power to other available circuits until the damaged equipment or lines can be repaired.

Since 2015, TEP has invested about $1.2 billion to maintain and improve our local grid and our reliability rate remains very high.

The average number and duration of TEP’s power outages have dropped over the last three and a half years, ranking TEP among the most reliable electric utilities in North America, according to the Edison Electric Institute.

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