TEP is helping the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning provide high school students the opportunity to research and develop potential strategies for improving local air quality.

For many years, the University of Arizona’s Camp Cooper has offered air quality programs for elementary and middle school students. This year, their program will be expanded to include high school students, thanks to a $23,500 contribution from TEP.

In the Rising Vision program, the students will collect air samples, measure pollution levels and compare their readings with those taken from around the world. They will then prepare reports and share their findings with the local community.

The program will allow students to explore air quality as a social justice issue and master transferable skills in science research. They’ll also learn about scientific approaches, develop critical thinking skills and gain a better appreciation for our natural world.

“Our heartfelt thanks to TEP for helping to extend our program’s impact to a larger audience of learners!” said Cooper Center Director Colin Waite. “TEP’s funding of the Rising Vision program at Cooper Center has moved the project from a basic idea into working directly with high school students in our community.”

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